Delicious, stylish & elegant home-made meals made using fresh farm ingredients and blast frozen to lock in the goodness.

Welcome to Goodness Gracious, a family business producing delicious, stylish and elegant home-made frozen meals using farm fresh ingredients. Our dishes really are hand crafted and individually supervised ensuring that you get superb quality and proper content. We create dishes for all occasions from convenience to entertaining, cooking for the elderly to dinner parties, and corporate functions.

We blast freeze our freshly cooked dishes to lock in the goodness and flavour, taking the hassle out of it all and leaving you the time to enjoy the occasion. Our meals come in containers that are suitable for the oven and microwave, with simple cooking instructions.Our fresh platters for entertaining or corporate functions are made to order and are fresh, not frozen.

Our guarantee is that whatever you choose for whatever function, it will not fail to impress.

Nicky completes the circle by always being available for a chat or advice on what to choose, how to present the food and how to plan for the big occasion. In fact, she’ll help with anything food-related!

We care...

Imagine a delicious wholesome meal always available in your freezer. Imagine no more – Goodness Gracious produces delicious, stylish and elegant home-made frozen meals using farm fresh ingredients. We create the meals you want from the freshest seasonal ingredients and as any good chef knows, these are critical to delivering a perfect result. Nicky sources as close to home as possible from the best seasonal farm produce, the best free range chicken, the best cuts of lamb and beef and the best quality herbs and spices. Once the dishes have been prepared they are then blast frozen to lock in the flavour so that the food tastes as good as when it was freshly prepared.