GG - Nicky and Teresa - 10 11Goodness Gracious is entirely about producing “delicious stylish and elegant home-made frozen meals using fresh farm ingredients”.

We create remarkable, imaginative home cooked meals which are then blast frozen to lock in the goodness and flavour.

We create dishes for all occasions from convenience to entertaining, cooking for the elderly to dinner parties, and corporate functions.

We take the hassle out of it all, leaving you the time to enjoy the occasion. Our meals come in containers that are suitable for the oven and microwave, and with simple cooking instructions.

Nicky completes the circle by always being available for a chat or advice on what to choose, how to present the food and how to plan for the big occasion. In fact, she’ll help with anything food-related!

Delicious, stylish & elegant home-made meals made using fresh farm ingredients and blast frozen to lock in the goodness.