Goodness Gracious, it’s summer! Well not exactly, but the days are getting longer and Capetonians come out of hibernation whilst the swallows return to a warmer climate.

We particularly like this time of year as there are new and exciting ingredients coming into season. For us, it is the “calm before the storm” and the beginning of the mad Christmas rush which we seem to put ourselves through every year.

So, with the warmer weather it is time to entertain. What will it be? An Indian feast or a casual lunch in the garden? Or perhaps a lasagne to feed the crowds? Whatever you’re eating, why not get a little help from our kitchen so that you can enjoy your guests and all the good things that go with summer.

Not only do we have our freezer meals available, but our summer salads are back on the menu and can now be viewed in the Summer Entertaining section of this website – all these salads are fresh, not frozen and made to order. Our minimum order is for 8-10 people so ideal for entertaining. Just to tempt you, our main course salads are served on white platters and really do look homemade. For a picnic or more casual affair, we serve them in our containers. Our traditional and frightfully English Coronation Chicken with Apricots & Cashew Nuts is a real crowd pleaser and easy to serve with either our Fruity Couscous or Summery Rice Salads or simply delicious bread.

So what’s new this month… to start with, how about our bite sized Rosa Tomato, Feta & Basil Quiches and to end your meal we have some rather dainty and oh-so-decadent Chocolate Caramel KissesGreat for a little treat or as part of a pudding served with strawberries (I think Somerbosch grows the best strawberries) and ice cream or double thick cream. We have also baked our ever so crunchy, full of goodness Cranberry & Nutty Biscotti – delicious served with a cup of your favourite coffee.
Our dish of the month is a Thai Vegetable Curry. Yes, a vegetarian dish that is light, healthy, low carb, wheat free and even suitable for vegans! A medley of sweet potato, carrots, green beans, baby corn, mushrooms, etc. in a creamy coconut Thai sauce with a hint of lemongrass & ginger. Serve with rice or on a bed of noodles.  We are starting this dish in our serves 2+ size only. If you would like us to make some pilaff rice/ rice to go with it, we’re happy to help.

You all know the horrors of rising food, electricity and petrol costs and sadly, we too cannot escape them and have therefore had to increase our prices. As you will know, we use good quality local ingredients and do not want to compromise our dishes. We do hope you understand.

Enjoy the start of summer and we look forward to hearing from you.

Happy eating!